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Trees & Shrubs Fertilizer

Eggberg farms provides the best in green tree fertilizer so your trees can get every ounce they need. Our treatments are designed to keep trees healthy and happy, with 4-pack points, 15-pack benefits, and a wide variety of texture and color. Our products are easy to use and easy on your wallet, so you can keep your tree healthy and happy.

Spikes For Trees And Shrubs, 12 Pack
Spikes (15-pack)

4 Lb. Tree and Shrub

By Jobe's

USD $11.80

Spikes Tree And Shrub 160 Count Brown
Spikes 4.2 Lb. (15-count) All Season
2.2 lb. Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes, (9-Pack)

2.2 lb. Tree and Shrub

By Jobe's

USD $11.99

1 Gal. Organic Gardening Liquid Fish Emulsion Fertilizer 5-1
5 Lb. Ideal For Shrubs, Trees, Container Plants And Grass

All Purpose Fertilizer 5 Lb.

By Arizona's Best

USD $10.99

Garden 8oz

Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant

By Miracle Gro

USD $7.13

5 Lbs Worm Castings + Alfalfa + Rock Phosphate + Kelp + Crab

5 Lbs Worm Castings +

By Unbranded

USD $21.95

Lilly Miller Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1

Lilly Miller Alaska Fish Fertilizer

By Central Garden Brands

USD $11.99

1/2 lb Worm Castings, organic fertilizer/soil amendment

1/2 lb Worm Castings, organic

By Atlantic Bay Organics

USD $6.70

For Vegetable Gardens Trees Plants & More!
Bayer Advanced 701700 12 Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Fe

Bayer Advanced 701700 12 Month

By Bayer Advanced

USD $17.50

Jobe's 02711 Evergreen Tree and Shrub Spikes 160/case, 160

Cheap Trees & Shrubs Fertilizer Price

Trees & shrubs fertilizer is a blend of5 lbs worm castings, alfalfa, rock phosphate, kelp, and crab meal. It is used to improve the health of trees and shrubs.
thisproduct is a fertilizer that helps to improve the growth of trees and shrubs. It is made from a blend of a unique form of forestry, the aza-munich process, which is a traditional process that uses a blend of skirball and saphyr leaves. The leaves are then fertilized with a 5-1-1 fertilizer. This product is then added to the tree'sroot in order to produce a overall positive treatment.
trees and shrubs are commonly fertilized with organic castings of worms. These castings are organic because they are from a plant, and are not made from human ingredients. The organic content of these castings will help to improve the health of the tree or shrub. Additionally, the organic content will help to protect the tree or shrub from pests and diseases.